Maria Giovanna Socci Ghini - Il Villino e Le Scuderie - Via Lamole, 8 - 50020 Greve in Chianti - Florence, Italy

Located in the heart of the world-famous Chianti wine land, this country estate overlooks a breathtaking view from the hill of the town of Lamole.

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Il Villino and Le Scuderie are two private houses located in a perfect vacation spot for sightseeing in Tuscany and beyond, just 35 km far from both Florence and Siena. Beside its vicinity to these major cities, Lamole still has another-world atmosphere and provides the perfect escape after a day of sight-seeing during your vacation in Italy.
“Il Villino” is a 19th century villa designed by Giuseppe Poggi the famous architect who redesigned the urban design of the city of Florence in 1865. Located behind it there are the 18th century horse stables “Le Scuderie”, recently renovated into a charming two-story home. The estate of Il Villino and Le Scuderie is surrounded by an enormous private park, gardens, vineyards and fruit orchards for a grand total of 1,5 hectares. A private swimming pool has found its perfect place overlooking the valley.


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Lamole is a small village located on the rolling hillside of the Chianti wine region about half-way between Florence and Siena, in the midst of cypress trees, oaks, chestnut forests, olive groves and most importantly, the vineyards of the re-known Sangiovese wine, key to the local production of Lamole’s Chianti Classico D.O.C.G. The panorama is immense and unique: the gentle hillsides of the Chianti region, evolved over the centuries with the tireless work and effort of its inhabitants, have become an enormous garden dedicated to the production of exceptional nectars. At 600m above sea level, the territory of Lamole has been inhabited and cultivated since Roman times. Thanks to its geographic position, this territory has always been ideal for cultivation, and thus, human settlement. At the beginning of the 14th century, the Chianti region was the backdrop for the reoccurring wars between Florence and Siena. Lamole, which was the seat of the “Lega della Valdigreve,” (League of the Valley of the River Greve, the river which crosses the Chianti region) became a stronghold in the defense of Florence against Siena. The Lamole area is characterized by the presence of many small, populated areas, typical of these most archaic forms of rural settlement. In order to use the most possible surface for cultivation, landform was adjusted through the use of terracing. The optimal exposure of the vines, arranged “ad alberello” gave birth to the “good wine of Lamole,” considered among the best in the Chianti Classico region.Lamole with its surrounding territory has remained, fortunately, a snapshot from the past. Making their way up the hillside along the narrow road lined by cypress trees, important historical villas can be found, designed by such famous architects as Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo.

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Il Villino e Le Scuderie

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